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ApICS LLC Experts

ApICS LLC Experts


ApICS Expert Technical Training

  ApICS LLC Consultants can provide your engineering staff with training that will make them more productive and knowledgeable in the control systems, industrial automation & process automation applications they work with.
  The following link outlines some of the engineering and technical training courses we have available. These are representative samples of the training we can provide you. ApICS LLC experts specialize in the development of customized programs for training in all aspects of industrial control system design and project management. We also provide training in document control procedures, and have been integral in the development of document control structures designed to pass ISO 900X audits.
 "Sample Training Outlines"

ApICS Expert Technical Mediation & Arbitration

  In the course of the execution of the engineering and installation of a project, problems may arise that lead to disputes between drive vendors and mechanical O.E.M's. ApICS LLC provides expert arbitration, conflict resolution, technical arbitration, and technical consulting services to ensure that a project that is put under such pressures can resume smoothly. ApICS LLC Consultants have also provided expert witness services to their clients. The following link provides case examples of technical arbitrage performed by ApICS LLC Consultants.
 "Vendor/O.E.M. Technical Mediation"

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