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Control (and Other) Tips & Tricks

  The following articles are provided as a service to our web visitors by our industrial automation, control automation, & process automation consulting experts. We appreciate you visiting, and ask that you come back again. This page receives regular updates and new material is added all the time.

  Note that we have included a section on designing analog filters for audio speaker applications. These filter designs can also be used for a variety of Control Systems applications. These applications need not just be filtering. If applied in the correct manner, they can also be used as part of the closed loop controller, depending on the given application.

CONTROl TIPS No. 1  "ApICS LLC's use of Normalized Units"
CONTROl TIPS No. 2  "A Tutorial in Digital Filter Design"
CONTROl TIPS No. 3  "Feed-forward Control and Variable Regulation"
CONTROl TIPS No. 4  "Feed-back Control and Variable Regulation"
CONTROl TIPS No. 5  "Tuning Speed Loops"
CONTROl TIPS No. 6  "Gain Scheduling Speed Controllers"
CONTROl TIPS No. 7  "Tuning Position Loops"
CONTROL TIPS No. 8  "Winder Dancer Tuning"
CONTROL TIPS No. 9  Inertia Compensation
CONTROL TIPS No. 10  Friction Compensation
CONTROL TIPS No. 11 Gear Backlash
CONTROL TIPS No. 12 Passive Filters 1
CONTROL TIPS No. 13 Passive Filters 2
CONTROL TIPS No. 14 Speaker Cabinet Design 1
CONTROL TIPS No. 15 Speaker Cabinet Design 2
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